Sister Service Project

Since the opening of Mercy Heritage Center in 2011, the focus has been to receive collection donations from the 25 former Regional Communities and provide research and reference services around those collections. With the creation and approval of the 2017-2023 Mercy Heritage Center Strategic Plan, additional initiatives are being undertaken, including an oral history program, a broader donation policy, library collection development, artifacts and heritage management, and outreach and education, to name just a few.

The Sister Service Program is designed for sisters and is intended to:

  •   Encourage greater participation and collaboration by members of the Community in the Archives
  •   Foster direct, active participation in the preservation and relation of the story of Mercy
  •   Increase awareness of activities surrounding archives, related collections, and professional standards. 

The product of this service project will be the completion (or near-completion) of a determined project, a short report and staff briefing describing the project and program experience in general.

For further information on this opportunity, see the Sister Service Project description

Please send your interest and questions to Kathryn Oosterhuis, Archivist/Director of Mercy Heritage Center.