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Sisters of Mercy Condemn Treatment of Migrant Children

October 03, 2018

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas are outraged and appalled by the recent reports of immigrant children being moved to detention camps under the cover of darkness. The image of children lined up and marched into camps while disturbing, pales in comparison to the trauma and uncertainty these young girls and boys and their families will experience for years to come.

Since our own migration to the United States 175 years ago, Sisters of Mercy have maintained a deep commitment to helping those most in need, especially women and girls. Today, Sisters from Maine to California and Illinois to Texas continue to reach out to those seeking safety and new life in the United States who now live in fear.    

The photos and reports of these detention centers for children are the most recent example of how the Trump Administration has continued to ratchet up its aggressive approach to tearing immigrant families apart while offering no remedy to decades of failed U.S. foreign policy that has produced the conditions from which people are fleeing for their lives.

The administration’s assault on immigrants has been evident in zero-tolerance immigration policy, family separation, family detention, flouting policies aimed to limit minors’ time in detention, ending asylum claims, and threatening immigrant families who rely on any form of public support. Under it all is a narrative of fear of immigrant members of our communities.   

Our commitment as a nation of family values rings hollow when we allow children who have been forcibly taken away from parents or arrive here in the United States unaccompanied are placed in prison-like conditions. We are at a pivotal moment in history, one that asks our nation to reflect and act justly upon what it truly means to welcome the stranger.

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