Institute Governance Work Group

The charge of the Institute Governance Work Group (IGWG) is to resource the Institute Leadership Team (ILT) and Institute Leadership Conference (ILC) in planning for the governance tasks related to the Journey of Oneness. One of the major tasks is to assure that members are informed, educated and consulted during this time of governance transition. This webpage is one of the vehicles that will be used to inform and invite input and feedback on the work group’s efforts.

IGWG Member: Sisters Margaret Carey, Connie Derby, Mary Ann Dillon, LuAnn Hannasch, Martha Milner, Pat McDermott (ILT Liaison) and Linda Werthman (Chair).

Meeting Minutes

Space for comments and questions is available at the end of each set of minutes.

Meeting Minutes: December 9-11, 2016 

Meeting Minutes: March 17–20, 2016

Meeting Minutes: January 18–20, 2016 

Meeting Minutes: August 19-21, 2016 

Additional Resources

Chapter 2017 Discussion 

February 2017: Third Draft of Institute Governance Model (space for comments and questions available)

Input from 2016 Assemblies and Gatherings

Sister Pat McDermott’s presentation on the Journey of Oneness

Charge of the Institute Governance Work Group

Interviews with Congregations of Women Religious

July 28, 2016 Update and Consultation