Sister Patricia McKeonSister Patricia McKeon

60-year Jubilarian

Entered: September 8, 1960 – West Hartford, Connecticut

Current Ministry: Ministry of Prayer and Presence

Motto: Risen Jesus live in me

Entering the Sisters of Mercy in 1960, I expected to spend my years in the ministry of teaching. It started out that way. I loved teaching high school math to the girls at Mercy High in Middletown, Connecticut. Those were happy years. Circumstances led me to see other needs, however, emergent social problems, with beautiful people who needed some help. So, I made the difficult decision to leave teaching.

A group of us began St. Vincent de Paul Place in Middletown with the support and encouragement of all of Mercy High School, the diocese, and the community of Sisters of Mercy. Just like Catherine McAuley, the community reached out to those who were hungry and homeless. It was a great experience! But it was not easy. I knew nothing of what I was getting into when we started.

There was significant pushback, especially from politicians and merchants, but we stood with our guests and together we made some differences and won some battles for social justice. Once a new gentleman to the Place asked if I was Catholic and before I could answer one of our long-time guests replied, "She's not a Catholic. She's a Sister of Mercy." A proud moment.   

When I look back on 60 years as a Sister of Mercy, I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunities and experiences that I have had and to know so many wonderful people  It did not turn out as I expected but that was a good thing!

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