Critical Functions Redesign Timeline

There are three phases to the critical functions work: design (which concluded in April 2017), development (current phase—some functions are expected to complete in May/June 2018) and implementation (will begin sometime after the development phase).

It is important to remember that critical functions work is not what the Journey of Oneness is all about; it is simply a necessary process to ensure the Institute can run smoothly and support the life and mission of the Sisters of Mercy as a unified whole.

First phase, design phase, announced.

August 2016

Design teams met for a workshop in conjunction with ILC.

October 2016

Design teams worked on recommendations, including research with external organizations and consultations with small groups of sisters, associates, companions and staff.

November 2016 – March 2017

Design teams met in conjunction with ILC. ILC asked teams to look at how their ideas intersected with those of the other design teams and to refine plans.

March 2017

Most design teams submitted a final report of their work for review.

April 2017

ILC reviewed the design recommendations and planned next steps.

May – July 2017

Second phase, development phase, announced.

July 2017

Development teams met for workshop.

October 2017

Development teams will generate recommendations and transition plans for each of the critical functions based on the work of the design teams. Their work will include consultations with members as needed.

October 2017 – May 2018

Development teams will give final recommendations to ILC.

May 2018

ILC will assess readiness to move into the third phase, implementation phase.

June 2018

Implementation phase will begin.

July 2018 – June 2019 and beyond.