Sister in Panama on relationship as source of sustainability

Video transcript: As human beings, we are made to live with others. We are made to coexist with others and to thrive with others, so we want to live not only just with people, our family, and society, but we also need to learn how to live with the earth. We have to change in the way that we relate to others and we have to make sure that our relationships are based on love, mutual listening, and respect. We need this a lot. No one has the time for anything these days, like to sit down and share from their hearts. As we change the way we relate to each other, I think that will lead to a different kind of development. But again, it is the change in the relationships that leads to sustainability and to a different relationship with things and creation. We are talking about respect and knowing how to use the resources for the fullness of life, to relate to each other, the world, and the goods that are available to us so we may uses these things for life.