West Midwest

Jean Sitter, RSM

60-year Jubilarian

Entered: September 8, 1958 - Omaha, Nebraska

Current Ministry: Spiritual Director

Motto: Jesus

Over the years I have often been touched by Isaiah's words: "See, I am doing something new. Do you not see it?" In retrospect, this 'newness' began for me when I left North Dakota sixty years ago to begin life with the Sisters of Mercy.

The beginning years of study, prayer and Community relationships provided a framework for the many years of ministry to follow . I was blessed to be involved in the areas of education, administration and spirituality, each of which provided numerous opportunities to be touched by God's people

Today, this 'newness' of Isaiah is still unfolding - possibly more recognizable as I continue to be awed by the wonders of God's faithfulness and enduring love. I am most grateful that God's invitation included a road trip from North Dakota to Nebraska.



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