West Midwest

Sister Gloria Heese

60-year Jubilarian

Entered: September 8, 1958 - Omaha, Nebraska

Current Ministry: Mime-ink Coordinator

Motto: To love and to serve


From the vantage point of 60 years, I look back over my life and see a kaleidoscope of opportunities for service, personal development and spiritual growth. I see patterns that shifted with the passage of time and emerged through the dynamic energy of God’s Mercy and love. I see all as GIFT.

Attempts to live my motto ‘To love and to Serve’ has led me to ministries in education, healthcare, social services and spirituality where I have been able to mime. Using a combination of written words and gestures, my goal has always been to touch hearts and promote reflection and prayer. Strongly and unfailingly supported by my Mercy Community of Sisters, Associates and Companions, I have been able to offer retreats and inspirational prayers for groups in the Mercy Community and other organizations.

I thank our God for my kaleidoscope of love and service.



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