West Midwest

Sister Marla Ann Yeck, RSM

50-year Jubilarian

Entered: August 22, 1968 - Farmington Hills, Michigan

Current Ministry: Teaching at St. Matthew's Secondary School and Director of the "Sisters of Mercy Skills and Nutrition Centre--Soweto

Motto: To Trust Is To Love

Praised be Jesus for touching my heart with his mercy -- the Mercy Community and the mercy of His love and forgiveness. The call to Mercy has been a total gift, and I am so grateful and privileged to be part of the Community of Mercy.

I value the ministries of service I have been blessed to participate in: 1) The field of education from grades K-12 and master students, as well as work in Archdiocesan and Diocesan Offices of Education and at The Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. 2) social services as program director of a shelter for women in DC, and 3) serving the people of Soweto, South Africa who have multiple needs. In each ministry, I have had the honour of seeing in those we serve another facet of God’s love and mercy.




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