West Midwest

Delores Hannon, RSMSister Delores Hannon

50-year Jubilarian

Entered: September 8, 1969

Current Ministry: President, Mercy High School, Omaha

Motto: His Promise Is Love

My motto in my profession ring is "His Promise is Love." I have updated it to "God's Promise is Love." Four very simple words have become profound to me as I journey through these last fifty years. I have found this promise in the support of another, the smile of a child, the challenge to try things I never imagined, in the beauty of our world, in shared laughter and tears, a hand offered when I fall, in sorrow and in many other ways, God's love was there. For me, the path was to live out this promise in the community of the Sisters of Mercy. "It is a glorious thing to be a Sister of Mercy!" Francis Warde.


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