West Midwest

Donna Ryan, RSMSister Donna Ryan

60-year Jubilarian

Entered: September 8, 1959

Current Ministry: Outreach to vulnerable population

Motto: With the Spirit for Her  People

"When we share Mercy with others, we learn from them how to be more merciful"

While working with youth in catholic schools and a diocesan youth office, I learned how to welcome young people from different settings.

While ministering in university settings, I was taught to listen to persons growing in understanding of who they were intellectually, sexually and spiritually.

Theological dialogue has always been a great teacher!

While serving in a Cathedral, a parish or a retreat center, I was formed to listen to people's needs in their work life,
spiritual-searchings, and in the midst of complicated relationship situations. I loved being Mercy.

While being with the homeless, the lonely and women recovering from prostitution, I learned how vulnerable we all are.

With life-long friends, companions and partners, my spirit has been stretched.

How grateful I am that Mercy has been offered through me.


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