West Midwest

Margaret A. Farley, RSMSister Margaret A. Farley

60-year Jubilarian

Entered: September 7, 1959

Current Ministry: Consultant, Africa Conference-Sister to Sister; Writing, Lecturing, & Teaching

Motto: "ARISE"

Over sixty years my religious life and membership in the Sisters of Mercy shaped me and my basic insights. Within this framework, my ministry focused primarily on teaching, research, and writing. This began when I was on the faculty of Mercy College of Detroit, and continued when I moved to Yale University to earn a Ph.D. in Religious Studies with a specialization in Christian Ethics. It continued when I was appointed to the faculty of Yale Divinity  School, and remained for 36 years. It could be said that it continues after "retirement" in new but welcome ways.

Through these years, my interests in Christian Ethics have been with large theoretical questions, ones that arise out of and have direct impact on human experience--such as freedom, love, and justice, as well as particular issues of medical ethics, ecology.

I have tried to understand the meanings of love.  Love can be a problem (as we know of good and bad loves, foolish and wise love).  But we strive for “just loves.”   In these are mercy and love.


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