The Sisters of Mercy arrived in Omaha 150 years ago to Make Mercy Real for those in need.

To close our 150th Anniversary Celebration, the Sisters of Mercy invite our friends in Omaha and beyond to take action by performing a work of mercy for someone in their community. By joining together, we further our mission of mercy throughout the world.

Between September 24 and October 21, share how you Make Mercy Real with your actions and photos using #MakeMercyReal on social media.

You can also help us spread the word about Make Mercy Real by hanging flyers on your local community boards, which are available for downloading and printing here.


If you would like one of these bracelets, please email wmwcommunications@mercywmw.org or stop by 7262 Mercy Road, Omaha, Nebraska.






You can follow our Make Mercy Real campaign on:


Looking for a volunteer opportunity? We suggest looking for a non-profit in your area that supports a cause you are passionate about. You can also search volunteer opportunities and the name of your city for a listing.


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Examples of #MakeMercyReal

Jack Langle has donated blood 140 times, he definitely #MakesMercyReal.

I have always been a supporter of the Red Cross and all the many things they do to help people in need.  Although I can’t say I enjoy the sight of needles, I always get pleasure in giving.  Just the thought of helping someone who’s been in a major operation or accident makes me feel like a better person.  Besides that, I get free juice and cookies every time I give!


These next two were submitted by Cristo Rey High School in Sacramento



For the past five years, sophomores at Mercy High School in Burlingame, CA, have spent their Service Retreat day in San Francisco working at St. Anthony’s, an organization which serves those in poverty.

Angie Simonetti, MHSB Department Chair for Religion said, "The service retreat at St. Anthony's makes real for our sophomores Catherine's call to serve the marginalized.  This day allows each student to truly experience the materially poor and see how their presence makes a difference.  After this retreat they go on to continue to serve the marginalized using this retreat as a springboard."

From CHI Health Bergan Mercy

Mary Waskowiak and Lily Williams with blankets to donate made by Sisters at Marian Oaks in Burlingame, California.


The Central Office staff made 250 sack lunches for a homeless shelter.


Pictures from School of Saint John the Baptist, in Jimenez, Misamis Occidental, Mindanao, Philippines. This is an archdiocesan school, owned by the Archbishop but administered by the Religious Sisters of Mercy of the New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West (NyPPaW) Community.

Here they are cleaning up the town's coastal area.


Love-Lunch offered every Mercy Day.


Sister Jeanne O'Rourke and a friend cleaning the vigil lights at the Holy Family Shrine in Nebraska.


Sisters in the West Midwest Community making sandwiches for a shelter.

(Not all Sisters photographed)


Sister Margaret Mitchell, Joseph Oliveira and Chris Garza from Auburn with some of the donations they have collected for Hope House.


Kitty Slovak and Regina Gomez Aldea hold some of the items collected from the campus for a shelter, St. Peter's School and a Mercy Housing site all near Burlingame, California.