Digital Exhibitions

A listing of digital and online exhibitions created by Mercy Heritage Center regarding the history of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas:

Mercy in the Great War

100 years ago the world became embroiled in WWI, called at the time, the Great War. Sisters of Mercy across the globe felt the call to serve those affected by war. Sisters on the home front contributed to the war effort through resource donation, taking part in rationing, hosting soliders in their convents, training nurses to go overseas, caring for orphans and school children, housing refugees, and praying for mercy. Many sisters also served their countries more directly, by becoming Junior Cadets and nursing in military hospitals. This exhibit examines artifacts and records from five different Sisters of Mercy archives, from four different communities of Mercy. The international archives of the Sisters of Mercy hopes to highlight their shared charism and history through the lens of this first great international event.

Founding the Institute/Fundando el Instituto

A digital exhibition honoring the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas explores the formation, history, and ongoing missions of mercy of the Sisters.  Through archival audio, video, photographic and textual records, this ongoing story of movement from individualism to unification demonstrates the Sisters' recognition of the positive impact of uniting in order to continue to seek justice and reflect compassion and mercy to the world.

Animal Companions

Keeping pets in convents is often frowned upon, but over the years animal-loving sisters have found ways to bend the rules. This Flickr album shows digitized photographs of Sisters of Mercy posing with pets, keeping farmyard animals and greeting wild creatures.

Civil War Sisters: Healing the Wounds of the Nation

This exhibition is complementary to Civil War Sisters: Healing the Wounds of the Nation exhibition (January 2015 - January 2017) located in the heritage space of Mercy Heritage Center in Belmont, NC. It tells the little-known history of women religious as nurses in the American Civil War, focusing on the Sisters of Mercy and the roles their various communities played during the conflict. This exhibition expands on the information presented in the heritage space: adding more contextual information about the environment of medicine in the 1860s, the attitude towards American Catholics before and after the War, and what the American Civil War was and the consequences of it's event. Short oral storytelling about the Mercy Sisters in the south during the War by Sr. Paula Diann Marlin has also been added.

Sisters Abroad

The Sisters of Mercy are used to traveling, in fact one of their best known nicknames is "the walking nuns". This Flickr album Sisters Abroad  showcases pictures of Sisters of Mercy of the Americas in faraway places; sightseeing, completing academic research, answering the call to serve, and establishing missions.