Your 175 Actions

Thank you for signing up to participate in our celebration of 175 years of Mercy! 

See what others are doing to commemorate our 175th anniversary

Institute Leadership Team
Silver Spring, Maryland
The Institute Leadership Team commits to having 175 “one-on-one” conversations with sisters, associates, companions, staff, volunteers, and partners in ministry around our Chapter 2017 Recommitment.
Dialogue Group, West Midwest Community
Omaha, Nebraska
We have each agreed to send 17 postcards to Sisters of Mercy we have not met.
Mercy Education System of the Americas Staff
Silver Spring, Maryland
The MESA Staff commits to sending a greeting card to 175 employees at MESA member schools and asking each recipient, in turn, to send a card to another employee at random.
Associate Kathy Eliscu
Westbrook, Maine
I am adding the Suscipe to my nightly prayers, which I feel will bring me closer to the sisters, associates, and others in Mercy.
Sisters and Associates
Chicago, Illinois
We have a calendar of collecting 175 things for each month from July-Dec ( toiletries for detainees, school supplies for homeless, socks and warm clothes for a shelter, food for blessings boxes, letters for detainees or politicians, Christmas gifts for Mercy Housing).
Dialogue Group
West Midwest Community, Farmington Hills, Michigan
At 3:00 pm those in our gathering group will spend 10 minutes in prayer and sending positive energy to the world for the next 175 days.
Companions in Mercy
Lansing, Michigan                                                                                                              
We as Companions in Mercy have agreed that we will each devise our own plan to commit to 175 acts of Mercy that are meaningful to us individually in our desire to go deeper in our commitment to Mercy. Some will take an active role in the pursuit of justice in the many forms it takes in the critical concerns. Some have chosen to intentionally deepen their commitment to prayer in relation to the Critical Concerns and their relationship to God in all things.
Sister Sheila Geraghty and Associate Shiela Kielly
Marshalltown, Iowa
We will give 175 sharpened pencils to "Stuff the Bus". We are helping with this project to collect school supplies for students in need.
Mercy Associate Mary Elizabeth O'Connor
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
I commit to fighting domestic violence by volunteering 175 hours to Catherine McAuley House in Plymouth, PA between August and December.
Mercy Associates and Companions Service Project
Benton Harbor, Michigan
This year for our annual service project we participated in cutting 175 peace doves to mark the 175th anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy in the United States! Promoting non-violence with students in pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade, the children will learn to settle their disputes with words and/or walk away from a situation. When they act non-violently, they will take a peace dove, put their name on it, and note on the back whether they used words, walked away or both. 
Dialogue Group
Chicago, Illinois 
We will each spend 175 minutes intentionally getting to know another sister/associate over the next few months. 
Mercy Associate Camilla Lauricella
Woodbridge, New Jersey
For the month of July I have donated $175.00 to the Focus on Haiti "Good Egg Program." For the month of August, I will donate $175.00 to a local group home for the disabled where I volunteer on their board and will discern actions for September through December. Blessings! 
Gabriel Hall and Mt. St. Mary Sisters
Watchung, New Jersey 
The Sisters are collecting items for immigrants in the Elizabeth (NJ) Detention Center through First Friends of NY and NJ which sponsors a Stamp Out Despair campaign for the detainees. Donations include stamped envelopes, lined paper, pens, greeting cards, paperbacks, colored paper, cash donations for phone cards. Enthusiasm is high and donations are generous. 
Mercy Center 3rd Floor McAuley Semi-retired Sisters
Rochester, New York 
Our group we will perform 175 Random Acts of Kindness. 
Staff of Cranaleith Spiritual Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
 To honor the 175th anniversary of Sister Frances Warde’s foundation of the Sisters of Mercy in the United States of America, the staff of Cranaleith Spiritual Center will renew a commitment to non-violence each morning of these 175 days, with a clear desire and intention to form our hearts more deeply in a spirit of non-violence. In solidarity with one another and all who share in the hope of a more just and merciful world, we will embrace the Vow of Non-violence offered by John Dear and the Pax Christi community. I promise to carry out in my life the love and example of Jesus:
• by striving for peace within myself and seeking to be a peacemaker in my daily life; 
• by refusing to retaliate in the face of provocation and violence; by persevering in nonviolence of tongue and heart;
• by living conscientiously and simply so that I do not deprive others of the means to live;
• by actively resisting evil and working nonviolently to abolish war and the causes of war from my own heart and from the face of the earth.
As we share in this transformative process, we will send letters of support and encouragement to the Women Veterans who participate in Cranaleith’s ministry, many of whom have suffered the violence of sexual trauma and moral injury.
Pittsburgh Retreat Group
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The four of us have agreed that each will performs 44 acts that will contribute to creating a more peaceful world. We also compiled a list of violent words and phrases (e.g. bullet point, take a stab at, etc.) which we will eliminate from our conversations. 
Sister Sheila Carney
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I have selected 175 words and phrases from the Constitutions and will reflect on one of them each day in order to deepen my sense of relationship with all the sisters with whom I share this Word of our Mercy life. 
Sister Kathleen O'Connell, Community Circle, NYPPAW
Rochester, New York
As a member of our community circle and as a photographer, I will send a nature photograph to 175 sisters/associates, family, friends, and "Facebook friends" for 175 days. As a response to our critical concern of our care for the environment, each nature photographs will be accompanied by a scripture verse and short reflection. It is my hope that upon seeing each glimpse of a part of nature will encourage others to have "mercy on the earth." 
Reflection Group
Rochester, New York 
We will recite the Suscipe of Catherine McAuley each day until Dec 12. We will be collecting School Supplies for the children of two of our local ministries (Andrew’s Center and House of Mercy). 
Charlotte, North Carolina 
Associates, co-workers, and friends in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area (South Central Community) are assembling personal hygiene kits for women in Haiti. The goal is to donate 1,750 kits (ideally 175 volunteers, each making 10 kits). Each kit consists of a drawstring backpack, two pairs of undergarments, two washable shields, and 10 washable inserts/pads. 
Sacred Heart Convent
Belmont, North Carolina
We will be citing our 175 years in birthday/feast day notes to Sisters and Associates. 
Sisters at Regina Hall
Cincinnati, Ohio
We created 750 welcome cards for the students of the new Mercy McAuley High School in Cincinnati. 
Sisters and Associates
Denver, Colorado
In our care of the earth, we will count opportunities we choose to not use plastic straws, and in practicing non-violence we will deliberately not use the word "hate" in any context and count how many times we eliminate it. 
Our Lady of Mercy Convent
Portland, Maine 
Sister Maureen Wallace and Sister Rachel Cushman will make 175 visits to Sisters in nursing homes & assisted living, as well as elderly primarily at home. 
Devon Gaynor, Alumnus of Alpha Boys School (Kingston) and St. John Bosco High School (Mandeville)
Here in Jamaica for my month-end salary l will give $1,750.00 to the Sisters of Mercy in Jamaica. Coming July 31, during my lunch hour from work l will make the sacrifice to forego lunch and walk from my workplace from downtown Kingston to Alpha Convent of Mercy, (about 35 minutes walk) to hand over my small but precious donation. This is what l want to do to show my appreciation. For of those 175 years of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas; 6 of those years the Sisters of Mercy were my mothers, teachers, mentors and friends at St. John Bosco School and Alpha Boys School from 1986 to 1991. Thanks again Sisters for these 175 years of service to the people of God. 

Mid-Atlantic Community Associate Leadership
Merion, Pennsylvania

We each donated $25, totaling $175 to Mercy Focus on Haiti for the Good Eggs Program. This will double at this time and the 7 of us are thrilled! 
Readiness Center
Benton Harbor, Michigan
The annual Associate Service Day in Benton Harbor MI was on July 7th. The associates, sisters and a companion (20) cut 175 doves. Staring on July 9th children in grades K-5 earned doves by non-violently settling their disputes at school or home by using words or walking away without the need of involving an adult. Our three-week summer program ended and there are 76 doves on a bulletin board entitled "Our Peace Promise." When school resumes we will reach our goal on or before September 24th. We will continue to teach non-violence throughout the school year. 
Pittsburgh Sisters
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
For the days leading to the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of Mercy in Pittsburgh and to continue the mission of mercy with the energy and spirit of our founding sisters, Sisters Linda Kaman and Mariella Bradley will take action with an emphasis on the homeless. Throughout the 175 days until December 21 we will have a donation, monetary or sustenance, ready to give those who are in need whom we pass while traveling the roads of Pittsburgh. We hope this action will convey to people who are affected by homelessness, despite their situation, the respect we have for each of them. 
West-Midwest Sisters
Cedar Rapids and Mason City, Iowa
Self-designed cards of Gratitude were sent to 175 healthcare colleagues who are ministering with us today or have ministered with us in past years. The card captures a moment of radiant beauty flowing my hibiscus flower, a message regarding the Sisters of Mercy’s arrival in the US, a mindful, personal note of gratitude from two healthcare care colleagues, and 175 days of prayer for each colleague and their intentions. Sr. Maurita Soukup and Sr. Mary Corita Heid. 
West-Midwest Community Central Office Staff
Omaha, Nebraska
We will collect 175 x 2 items or more and donate them to the People's City Mission in Lincoln, NE, that serves the homeless and needy in the area. 
Mercy Heights Catholic Nursery and Kindergarten
Tamuning, Guam
Mercy Heights Catholic Nursery and Kindergarten has decided as a group to offer 175 hours of prayer intentions beginning August 6 to December 21, 2018. As a school. we've also decided to pray 175 times the Children's Suscipe aside from the regular time we do it. We will also collect and donate 175 items (food, dry goods) to feed the homeless. 
Mercy Associates
Omaha, Nebraska
The Associates will pray for the Non-Violence Critical Concern and perform service in individual ministries for 175 hours.
Pittsburgh Angels of Mercy CCC Group (18 members)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
We are going to send 175th Anniversary Year Birthday greetings to each member of the New York-Pennsylvania West community throughout the year (our entire group will participate). Several members have set aside prayer time each day of this year to pray for abused children. One member committed to 175 acts before the Nov. elections to try to help turn around the state of the nation.
Students from Mercyhurst University
Erie, Pennsylvania
Our group will send 175 cards to elderly sisters in Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo and Rochester.
Staff and Sisters at Well of Mercy
Hamptonville, North Carolina
We will create 175 luminaires and distribute to Well of Mercy Guests. The luminaires will include the message, "Join the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas in praying for peace today and an end to violence."
West Michigan Group
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Our group had been made aware of the dire need for baby diapers at food pantries in Grand Rapids. In the spirit of non-violence, we decided to contribute diapers to the HELP Pregnancy Crisis Center. Our goal is to contribute 175 diapers in honor of the 175 years since Sisters of Mercy arrived in the United States to serve the needy in this country.
Mercy Associates
Joplin, Missouri
Our group has decided to celebrate the 175 years by making tray favors for the patients at Mercy Hospital Joplin and the Outreach House in Joplin. We will make 175 favors for each of the following holidays: Mercy Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Each favor will contain a prayer and a message from the Associates. 
Morning-Sitting Meditation Group
Burlingame, California
Five sisters, a Mercy Associate, three women, long- time members of the sitting-meditation group, sit in silence from 6:30 - 7:10 am, Monday through Friday, in the main chapel of the Sisters of Mercy in Burlingame, CA. Often, retreatants and staff at Mercy Center join us. Together we offer more than 175 hours each as our part in Mercy celebration of Pittsburgh Foundation. This faithful group continues the morning prayer tradition started in 1984 by a Jesuit priest, a Sister of Mercy, three women, after an East-West Contemplative retreat.
Mercy Discussion Group
Silver Spring, Maryland
 In order that we build together our personal practice of nonviolence and strengthening of our relationships, and using the book 'Nonviolent Communication' by Marshall B. Rosenbert, PhD, twelve of us are dedicating 175 hours of reading, reflecting and sharing together about the practice of nonviolent communication.
Mercy Associates
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
 Mercy Associates in Pittsburgh are committed to making and handing out over 1,175 Prayer Squares to police officers, canine officers, firemen/women, EMS or anyone in need. Putting together and giving over 175 Blessing Bags with toiletry items for our homeless Veterans. Making over 175 sandwiches for homeless men, women, children and Veterans. Feeding hot/home cooked meals to well over 175 homeless and disadvantage people by the end of the year.
Community & Conversation Circle
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
 The sisters in our CCC group are sending a "Mercy Day Blessing" letter to 175 Relatives, Friends, and Employees to invite them to join with us in prayers of thanksgiving for the graces and blessings over these many years of "Mercy in Action", especially in the USA, and a promise of the Sisters' prayers for their intentions. The letter gives a brief explanation of the 175th Anniversary and how "Mercy takes Action" through ministry, advocacy, and commitment to social justice issues in today's world. Sisters can add their own brief message at the end of their letters. Letters are printed, envelopes, stamps & return address labels are being provided. Sisters can invite other Sisters to join them in this project.
Evangelistic Team, Word of Faith Christian Center
Baltimore, Maryland
We have a prayer line on every Monday at 7pm that we will include the Sisters of Mercy, for healing, and protection for our children when they go back to school. The Evangelist Team is also collecting cans and perishable to feed the homeless for the holiday.
West-Midwest Life Care Coordinators
Farmington Hills, Michigan
The WMW Life Care Coordinators are excited to mark the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of Mercy in the USA by honoring Catherine’s tradition of letter writing. We have chosen to focus on the principle of strengthening relationships set forth in the Chapter 2017 Recommitment. We are sending cards to sisters encouraging them to “give themselves the gift of living well” and offering to assist them in achieving and maintaining health.
Misericordia University Mercy Associates and Sisters
Dallas, Pennsylvania
During Mercy Week (September 23-28) on the campus of Misericordia University, the 40 University Mercy Associates are partnering with the Staff Council Community Committee to collect at least 175 needed items for the local Domestic Violence Center, a Center that serves victims of relationship violence through an emergency shelter, counseling support, and other services. It will be a "Stuff the Bus" event in which students, faculty, and staff will participate.
Associates in Northeastern Pennsylvania
Scranton, Pennsylvania
I am involved as an administrator of an Alpha group that has sent OVER 175 invitations to inactive parishioners, newly baptized, new parishioners, and newly married parishioners to join an Alpha class that brings people to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. I also commit to 175 hours of prayer, volunteer Extraordinary Minister Nursing Home outreach, and service to my parish!
Mercy Associate
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mercy Associate Carol Lacher and her husband Clem will follow the Corporal Works of Mercy and bring the love of God to their “Christ in the City” project by organizing and handing out 175 “winter survival kits” which are bags filled with socks, gloves and knitted and crocheted scarves and hats in the cold winter months, to the homeless population in the Pittsburgh area.
Sister Maureen King
Brooklyn, New York
Sending at least 175 messages to Mercy High School Seniors at the beginning of the school year challenging them to be pioneers like Frances and her companions and to wish them well in their last year of Mercy High School Education and to let them know they are always Mercy girls!
Employees at Mercy Medical Center
New Hampton, Iowa
Employees collected 175+ school supplies that were given to the local Salvation Army and were distributed to the local schools.
Mount Saint Mary and Gabriel Hall Communities
Watchung, New Jersey
The Sisters of Mercy in the Mount Saint Mary and Gabriel Hall Communities collected well over 175 supplies for the detention center in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Sophia Community, Convent of Our Lady of Mercy
Auburn, California
We chose two avenues of participation, focusing on non-violence. First we read three books and twelve articles (10 sisters x 15 resources) on causes and mitigation of non-violence, sharing our insights gained from the material. We are now following the 64 daily practices to nonviolence from A Season for Nonviolence-Los Angeles, culminating on Mercy Day.
Companions in Mercy
Lansing, Michigan
Each of the Companions in Mercy has committed to 175 acts of Mercy in an area of service meaningful to growth in her individual spirituality. We will share our experiences at our Fall gathering.
Assumption High School
Louisville, Kentucky
Assumption High School in Louisville is focusing on the critical concern of non-violence at our Mercy Day Celebration assembly on September 24. Each student, faculty, and staff member will be invited during our prayer that day to commit to 175 acts of compassion. These "random acts of kindness" will be discussed as a way of creating a culture of non-violence in all areas of our lives.
Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women
Rochester, New York
Each grade level here (grades 6-12) is collecting 175 items to share with the ministry settings we serve through our Middle School Ministry Days and our Mercy Service Program. For example, we are collecting men’s socks for the House of Mercy (serving the homeless), Flower Bulbs for the Mercy Spirituality Center. All items will be presented and blessed at our Mercy Day Liturgy on September 21.
Mercy High School
, Maryland
The National Honor Society will be writing thank you notes to 175 Sisters of Mercy. We are also collecting 175 handbags, gently used, and filling them with toiletries to distribute to homeless women.
Omaha Mercy Student Council
Omaha, Nebraska
Student Council will Tweet 175 days in a row. These tweets will include reflections/tips on ways to strengthen relationships, advice to combat nonviolence, and positive memories of Mercy.
Students from Mercyhurst University
Erie, Pennsylvania
The students at Mercyhurst University are making 175 cards with Catherine McAuley quotes plus a message to our elderly sisters in the New York/Pennsylvania West community.
Joplin Area Catholic School System
Joplin, Missouri
Each school—St. Mary’s, St. Peter’s and McAuley—is doing 175 acts of Mercy per school. We have a “thermometer” in each school to record the actions of each class such as make cards, help at our local outreach house, pick up litter, visit a nursing home, etc.
Mary Anne Poeschl, RSM
Canton, Mississippi
I am sending $175 to the Immigration Clinic at Jackson, Mississippi Catholic Charities to use for the legal fees of immigrants.
Michelle Salois, RSM
St. Louis, Missouri
I will spend 175 minutes in Social Justice Demonstrations/protests and or letter writing.
House of Mercy Erie Youth
Erie, Pennsylvania
House of Mercy Erie youth are making 175 bookmarks with mercy values. We will deliver them to the Mother Theresa Academy grade school youth. Values named by youth include: stand tall, justice, peace, don't judge, protect, be kind. . .
MaryAnn Kosakoski, RSM and Mercy Associate JoAnn Wawrzaszek
Rochester, New York
We are crocheting 175 long, colorful winter scarves for the homeless at House of Mercy, Rochester, N.Y.
Mercy Associate Barbara Edwards
Erie, Pennsylvania
I will send cards to 175 sisters thanking them for their service.
West Midwest Community Leadership Team
Omaha, Nebraska

The Community Leadership Team will share their reflections with each other on the below questions after each of our ALT and CLT meetings:

1. How have we been powerless and what did that powerlessness mean for us?

2. How do we exercise our power through the lens of non-violence?
Mercy Mid-Atlantic Association
Dallas, Pennsylvania Area
Mercy Mid-Atlantic Associates in the Dallas, PA area pledge 175 "Random Acts of Kindness" as they recall the arrival of Mother Frances Warde in "our part" of the world.
Mid-Atlantic Community of Mercy Associates
New Jersey
New Jersey Mercy Associates have each committed to one hour of prayer for non-violence in the Asbury Park, New Jersey area.
Mid-Atlantic New Jersey Associate Coordinating Circle
Lakewood, New Jersey
Circle members each committed to 25 hours of prayer for tent city dwellers in Lakewood, New Jersey, a total of 175 hours of prayer.
Mercy Convent, S. Van Buren Street
St. Louis
, Missouri
We provided $175+ worth of diapers (over 950 diapers) to refugee and immigrant families in St. Louis.
Extended Justice Team
(All Communities)
The Extended Justice Team will facilitate and collect information from Sisters, Associates, Mercy Advocates and other members of the Mercy family who commit 175 Acts of Resistance and 175 Acts of Hope.
Cluster Group of Mercy Sisters and Associates
Rhode Island and Massachusetts
10 -12 members of our group are reading, reflecting and discussing the book, "The Nonviolent Life" by John Dear for 175 minutes each month from September to November. The actions or transformations to follow are yet to be determined by our openness to God's Creative Spirit.
Sisters at the Mercy Convent
Nashville, Tennessee
We will donate $175.00 from money we have collected as a Group to give to two agencies in Nashville promoting non- Violence. As a group we commit to using some of our collected funds for those in need to fill 175 bags to go to struggling members of our Nashville Community. These bags will include a note to let them know we are praying for them. We will change 175 light bulbs inside and outside our home with LED lights. They are earth-friendly lights and will help make our facility less violent towards our earth.

Sisters at the Intersection Inc., McKeesport, Pennsylvania

(Malachy "Peg" O'Neill, Dorothy Miller, Phyllis Thompson, Bonnie Heh)

We are sending a celebratory note to 175 (+25) Intersection friends, volunteers, guests, and donors explaining this anniversary of coming to Pittsburgh from Carlow Ireland, and the ministry of the Sisters in the city of McKeesport. We hope to strengthen our relationships with one another and invite our friends, through prayer, to help us all grow in the personal practice of nonviolence. (Note: 175 + 25 = 200 which is the minimum number for bulk mailing price!)
Mid-Atlantic Associates
New York, New York
Some of us coordinated efforts and wrote postcards to some Sisters of Mercy ( we went in Alphabetical order taking seven names from each letter of the alphabet) thanking them for their fidelity to God and God's people.
Sophia-Mercy Community
St. Louis, Missouri
We are committed to intentionally praying for peace and peace-makers during 175 sessions of community prayer (between Mercy Day, 2018 and December 2019). We have also donated $175 worth of feminine care products to a center which serves women in need.
"Coolock" Praying Community
Cincinnati, Ohio
Our praying community (regularly gathers for Mass on weekdays) will pray for and send forth prayers of gratitude and non-violence to 175 sisters serving in various lands; a photo of our praying Community will be attached.

Van Buren Community
St. Louis, Missouri

Working with the Lac and the Mercy Retreat Center to sponsor a city wide program on nonviolence. We hope through education and partnership to influence a change in attitudes and nonviolent actions.
St. Xavier University, Department of Human Resources
Chicago, Illinois
The HR Department is creating 175 gift bags that will include hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste and eye glass wipes; we will be donating these to local homeless shelters.
St. Xavier University, Center for Instructional Design and Academic Technology
Chicago, Illinois
We are listing 175 Educational Resources (including Technology Tools and Pedagogical Resources) to recognize and celebrate this 175th anniversary and live out Mercy commitments.
St. Xavier University, Information Technology
Chicago, Illinois

We will be sending toiletry bags to Haiti.

Also, we are randomly selecting 175 people we've served throughout the year and sending "e-cards," thanking them for allowing us to "strengthen our relationships" with them through service.

St. Xavier University, Records and Advising
Chicago, Illinois

We are collaborating with the Tau Sigma National Honor Society for transfer students to collect 175+ personal-sized toiletry items for the Beds Plus Homeless Shelter at Pilgrim Faith United Church in Oak Lawn, Illinois.
St. Xavier University, University Relations
Chicago, Illinois
We will take 174 photos of Mercy in Action, then compile them into a montage - using all 174 pictures - to create a picture spelling out "Mercy."
Laurie M. Joyner, Ph.D. President, St. Xavier University
Chicago, Illinois
I will send 175 personal notes of gratitude to our Faculty and Staff.
Gwynedd Mercy University

Lower Gwynedd Township, Pennsylvania
  • One FYE section has decided to focus on The Earth and Service to the poor. They as a class will pick up any litter they see it and keep track of how many pieces they individually pick up and report off each week in class until they reach a total of 175. They are also going to bring spare change to class each week and donate the money to the Gwynedd mercy Focus on Haiti project. (Faculty’s personal commitment will be to donate the remainder amount to equal $175.00.)
  • Hobbit House (our littlest students) are doing 175 acts of kindness, love and sharing by collecting 175 little boxes of cereal (single serving then giving them to Catherine's Cupboard (CC)!
  • The field hockey family is thrilled to participate in this exciting endeavor and will be collecting fun toys, hair ribbons, etc for the children in the Dominican Republic (DR).
  • The ABSN cohort that is going to the DR is collecting 175 flip flops to bring with them.
  • The second ABSN cohort is providing 175 feminine supply packages to send to the Dominican Republic.
  • The School of Education is collecting 175 school supplies to send to the DR and Business is collecting 175 school supplies for Laurel House.
  • The School of Arts and Science is collecting 175 non-perishable items for Catherine’s Cupboard.
  • The Occupational Therapy students are teaming up with the M&V project to learn to crochet for use with their clients and will contribute to the 175 prayer square.
  • School of Graduate and Professional Studies is sending out to all of adjunct instructors and students a request to donate to their communities if they are not local to our campus. We are asking they post a picture of them doing so on social media and include #GMercyU175 and @gmercyu_gps so we can keep track as they aim for 175 donations.
  • The Psychology and Social Services Association (P&SSA) will share 175 inspirational messages/quotes on campus via notes to peers, sticky notes, etc.
  • A new freshman at Gwynedd Mercy University will be holding the door open for 175 people.
  • The student group that went to the Mercy DC Justice Advocacy training this summer will collect 175 signatures in support of fair immigration policy.

CONGRATULATIONS on the anniversary! The student government representatives have decided to do the following:

  • Save 175 lives through blood donation Each successful blood donation can save three lives! We will aim to get 59 successful donations.
  • Send 175 notes of positivity and encouragement - students will be asked from an info table to write supportive words of inspiration. The notes will be posted on campus during Finals week. SGA is proud to participate in the 175th Anniversary.
  • This year for our S@C Gives Back Event, we are cosponsoring the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event in November. Our idea is to collect 175 (or more!) items for Laurel House and present the items to Laurel House at this event. We are very excited to be a part of this amazing challenge!
  • Student Activities and Leadership will collect 175+ plastic grocery bags during Woke Week so that they may be recycled appropriately.
  • The Voices of Gwynedd will make a recording of 175 minutes of music. It will contain some of our best music from our 25 years! We will provide the CD's to the Sisters at McAuley Convent spreading the music of mercy!
  • “Socks from Sigma” Sigma will collect 175 socks to send to the Dominican Republic.
Gwynedd Mercy University
Faculty and Staff
Lower Gwynedd Township, Pennsylvania
  • School of Graduate and Professional going to be physically collecting 175 non-perishable items for Catherine's Cupboard based on the list of needs that was recently sent out.
  • To celebrate the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of Mercy in Pittsburgh a librarian donated 175 items to the “Blessing Bags” collection sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. These bags will be distributed to the homeless in the city of Philadelphia. Her contribution included 168 bottles of water, 3 Chapsticks, and 4 nail clipper sets.
  • Each member of the Executive Council will adopt 2 FYE classes and write words of welcome and encouragement to each of the students in those classes as well as make a personal visit to the two classes.
  • A faculty member is going to make 175 baked goods items for her daughter's University of the Arts senior photography off-campus show (funded by the class) bake sales this fall.
  • The Marketing and Enrollment team will engage in 175 Random Acts of Kindness for new and returning students on the Gwynedd Valley campus.
  • Members of the Mission and Values Committee are donating 175 rolls of toilet paper for Catherine’s Cupboard and leading crocheting parties to crochet 175 prayer squares to be distributed to community members in times of need of prayer and support. (Thank you Carlow University for the idea.)
  • IA will invite students to write thank-you notes to 175 donors at Thank a Donor Day in November.
  • For the 175th anniversary, our archivist is making a display for the Author's event/Mercy Tea that will highlight the names of 175 Sisters of Mercy who have taught/worked at Gwynedd. It will be a poster-sized display that will hopefully become a web-based display as well.
  • A faculty member is collecting 175 baby hats to donate to Project: Linus and/or A baby’s Breath. She will be calling on knitters and crocheters as well as hosting some "knitting circles" to work on them as well.
  • The students in CIS 437, Topics in Cybersecurity, are going to design, print, and hand out 175 cards on password security to educate students, faculty, and staff on campus.
  • A staff member will be visiting 175 patients at Parkhouse Nursing Facility to bring them a little cheer and a small gift. • A staff member and her family will be donating 175 packages of feminine products to CC and Manna on Main.
  • A staff member will be visiting 175 patients at Parkhouse Nursing Facility to bring them a little cheer and a small gift.
  • All offices in Campbell Hall have decided to join forces to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of Mercy by: Donating money to Sanctuary Farm: a community garden program in Philadelphia. Each donating $5.00 will provide the money for Sanctuary Farm to be able to buy 175 seedlings to benefit many families in need. Collecting 175 pairs of socks and sending them to the Socks of Joy foundation who will distribute them to the homeless. Collecting 175 sneakers to be recycled. Sending 175 golf balls with messages from the students, faculty and staff on them to Bunkers in Baghdad to be distributed to the troops as a morale booster. We will be asking students to write messages for the troops.
  • Finance/Administration and HR will collect an abundance of manufacturer's coupons for military base families in need throughout the country, as well as overseas. As some families struggle financially with buying day-to-day products, we will be providing them assistance in their daily shopping for themselves and their families. Military families are permitted to use expired coupons so we will be able to provide them with a large amount of coupons.
Two Sisters of Mercy and
one Associate
Ventura, California
We will provide 3 x $17.50 to pay for Thanksgiving dinners for 25 persons at the Los Angeles Mission. We also plan to be up at 4:00am to join with the Sisters of Mercy for Mass in Ireland on the 24th.
Convent of Mercy Retirement Residence
Mobile, Alabama

With respect to strengthening our personal practice of nonviolence we:
1) Weekly prayed the daily Mass Responsorial Psalm for a specific intention of Nonviolence, eg. the abuse of women & children, gun control, etc.
2) Supported a local shelter for women and children by collecting personal items of need.

With respect to strengthening our relationships, will are communicating with other Sisters in Retirement Residences throughout our Institute.

Patricia A. Soete, RSM
Helenwood, Tennessee
Pray 50 rosaries for victims of sexual assault. Write 25 notes to Sisters I don't know. Fifty dollars to help the needy. Fifty Get Well @ Sympathy cards to Sisters @ others as they become known to me.
Santa Barbara Catholic School
Dededo, Guam
To reverence the earth and to celebrate the Legacy of Mercy, the Religion Classes of SBCS have planned more than 175 acts to celebrate and appreciate creation from praying the Season of Creation prayer daily, nature walks, praying with nature and technology of photography, creating infographics and boardgames for kids for stewardship of the earth.
Journey of Oneness Conversation Group
Portland, Maine
We will spend 175 hours nurturing our community relations with a focus on nonviolence.
St. Alphonsus School and Mercy Endeavors Senior Center
New Orleans, Louisiana
St. Alphonsus School and Mercy Endeavors are celebrating the 175th anniversary by collecting personal items (soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, combs, deodorant, shampoo) for the homeless who live under the bridges. These items will be distributed with hot meals prepared by the members of Muses, a women's Mardi Gras Krewe in New Orleans, on September 29, 2018.
Mercy Associate Bethann Geiser
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
I will spend 175 hours in meditation seeking love, peace and justice in our fractured world.
Campus Ministry at Saint Xavier University
Chicago, Illinois
Campus Ministry at Saint Xavier University will help engage students, staff and faculty in the creation of 175 felt hearts which will be distributed at a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for mothers and babies to receive comfort and to exchange one another's scents to help with bonding during times that babies cannot be held.
Academy of Our Lady of Mercy
Louisville, Kentucky
In the spring, our theater department devised a play on the critical concerns of Mercy, titled Mercy Me. Over summer, they took the play to Scotland and performed in the International Thespian Festival. On Wednesday, November 7th, the theater department will showcase Mercy Me for our local community. As a part of the event, we will ask those attending to bring donations for a local non-profit in Louisville, Ky. Our goal will be to collect 175 items. We also plan to have a small celebration following the production with our local Mercy sisters.
Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary
Spring House, Pennsylvania
In celebration of 175 years, Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary’s students will work together with their prayer partners to make 175 placemats and write 175 encouraging messages to be given to Manna on Main Street, in Lansdale, PA, a local food cupboard which also serves dinner on a daily basis.
Mercy High School Community
Middletown, Connecticut
1.  We will recite the Prayer for the Canonization of Mother Catherine McAuley in the classes.
2.  We will be sending 175 cards to Sisters of Mercy and Associates
3.  Sending out cards to our parents sharing the life and mission of Mother Frances Warde and the Sisters of Mercy in the USA.
4.  Seniors and juniors will be writing 175 essays about a woman in their lives who is an example of "mercy" to them.
5.  Students and faculty will be posting 175 words or phrases that express Mercy to them.
6.  Mercy community members will be performing 175 Random Acts of Mercy.
7.  Mercy community members will become prayer partners with the Sisters of Mercy at St. Mary Home in West Hartford.
8.  The Administration and Faculty have McAuley Merit Cards that they are able to hand out to those who have done something special for someone in the community.
Juniors at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School
Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania
To celebrate 175 years of the Sisters of Mercy in the Americas, the Junior class of Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School is recognizing their classmates who have shown them kindness. The names of students are posted when they are recognized for a Mercy filled action. They hope to have 175 completed by December 12 – Foundation Day!
Northeast Community Leadership Team
Rhode Island
The Northeast Community Leadership Team is getting together on October 6 to bake more than 175 cookies from various traditional recipes. The Team will then invite all Northeast sisters to join us for cookies and conversations while enjoying a "comfortable cup of tea" in each of the local areas, with the goal of meeting more than 175 sisters.
Our Lady of Mercy Academy
Syosset, New York
1. Prayer in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament each first Friday for 30 minutes for 175 hours total (we will conclude each with the Suscipe prayer)
2. Mass as a school community each first Friday- for a total 175 hours for the year (we will conclude each with the Suscipe prayer)
3. On December 21st we will offer 175 intentions and letters of students at the community mass for our sisters throughout the country
4. Action of Food - collecting 175 items for food pantries
5. Action of clothing - collecting 175 items for clothing drive
6. Action visiting our elderly missionaries of mercy- retired religious sisters - locally
7. Action of connecting our students with the local history of our Sisters of Mercy - since 1855
8. Sharing the story of Frances Warde and the First Sisters of Mercy in America with our school community.
9. Sharing 175 individual acts of kindness throughout the year- individually as a school.
Sisters at Sacred Heart
Living Center
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
The Sisters at Sacred Heart Living Center are celebrating the 175 years of Sisters of Mercy in the United States with three activities:
1. Collecting $175 to give to Catherine McAuley Refugee resettlement program and tracking the progress of the donations on a paper barometer at increments of $1.75 cents.
2. Writing 175 notes to express our support and care to those who protect us – veterans and police.
3. As women of prayer and action who have responded to the needs of our time for 175 years in the United States, the Sisters of Mercy at Sacred Heart Life Center invite local Sisters and those in parishes to join in prayer for forgiveness and healing within our Church family. We will gather at Sacred Heart Life Center on October 11, 2018 at 6:30 pm for a public prayer. Daily the Sisters pray for all who have and are suffering from abuse by church ministers, for wisdom and unity in amending the wrongs done and for those who faithfully serve the People of God, as ministers of the Gospel. We invite others to join us as we prayer for an increase in faith and strengthening of hope and forgiving love.
Sisters at McAuley Convent
Merion, Pennsylvania
McAuley Convent, as a House of Prayer , chose to pray for all women who are discerning a call to the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. This is an intention that has been prayed every day at Mass since the beginning of this initiative.
Mercy Associates
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
As part of celebrating 35 years of Mercy Association in Cedar Rapids, we collected 175 meals to be given to St. Vincent dePaul Society. Because of the generosity of the Associates we nearly doubled that amount in one day.
Mercy Associate Robert Mace
Seffner, Florida
I will spend time in prayer along with the other Mid-Atlantic Community Mercy Associates and will donate $175 to the Mid-Atlantic Community for their discretionary use.
Pittsburgh Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The two grandparent groups will spend collectively 175 hours reading and discussing the early days of the Sisters of Mercy in Pittsburgh. Then, when they come together in December at the Convent of Mercy they will share their reflections on what they read and will present prayers they wrote for to honor the 175 anniversary.

Mercy Associate Marion Grimes
Hamburg, New York

I will make and encourage 175th Anniversary gifts in support of Mercy related ministries.
Sister Barbara Hamm, RSM
West Palm Beach, Florida
I am writing 175 letters of condolence to parishioners who have lost a loved one over the last two years. Included will also be letters to families where there has been a Baptism this past year.
Sister Janice Marie
Johnson, RSM

Allentown, Pennsylvania
I will make a conscious effort to reach out to someone in need of help each day for the next 175 days beginning October 6, 2018.
Seeds of Mercy Youth Group, with Sisters of Mercy in the Soloy, Panamá Indigenous Zone
Volcán, Panamá

We will plant 175 tree seedlings around the water basins that families use for their homes. Also fruit gardens for animals to eat, and trees that store water.


Sisters of Mercy in Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
We are donating $175 to Sr. Karen Schneider’s medical missionary program.
Sisters Nieves Jiménez, Edith Gonzalez and Associates in Volcán
Volcán, Panamá
We are donating 175 diapers this week to the Hospital in the Soloy Indigenous Zone for indigenous children from the surrounding mountain areas who are hospitalized and whose parents have no resources.
Sister Marianne Read, RSM
Burlington, Vermont
To help others gain a deeper understanding of our Mercy Mission and legacy, I will show a Mercy video to at least 175 people. (I hope to exceed that goal.) 78 have already seen it.

Sisters of Mercy at Rural House of Mercy
DuBois, Pennsylvania

We (Sisters Trish and Margaret) are singing the Canticle of Mary during our Evening Prayer as a gift of peace for those suffering from violence, remembering specific persons to whom we send this beautiful prayer.
Sacred Heart Staff
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
We are "Sharing the Warmth of Mercy" by donating 175 hats and gloves to be given to organizations in Cedar Rapids.

Group of Friends
Omaha, Nebraska

Our goal was to gather 175 greeting cards to send to Sister Georgita Cunningham who makes a point to reach out to others in this manner. We exceeded our goal and today mailed 250 cards to Sister Georgita.
Communications and Development Office Staff
Merion, Pennsylvania
The five members of the Mid-Atlantic Community’s communications and development office in Merion will take turns for the next ten weeks in sharing prayers, thoughts, and reflections in order to strengthen their relationships and grow in their personal practices of non-violence. Each person will take one work day a week to inspire their colleagues during this 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of Mercy in the United States.
Sisters at Mercy Villa
Omaha, Nebraska
The Sisters committed to pray either 175 holy hours or 175 rosaries with a special intention focusing on relationships or nonviolence. Some of our sisters are making 175 Sandwiches for the people at the Stephen Center in Omaha.
Trocaire College
Buffalo, New York

Trocaire has sponsored these activities over the past semester in celebration of the Sister’s 175th Anniversary:

  • 175 Peace Flags made/hung during Mercy Heritage Week
  • 175 Mercy-grams distributed across campus during Mercy Heritage Week.
  • Ongoing planning with the JCC in Rochester to bring a professional production of “Church and State,” to Trocaire in the fall semester 2019. "Church and State" is a theatre production (including conversation with the audience) on gun control.

Blessings for a truly wonderful anniversary year celebrating 175 years of Mercy in the U.S.!