Hermana en Argentina habla sobre peligros de un sistema económico impulsado por el lucro

Sister in Argentina on perils of profit-driven system

Ana Maria Suifi, a Mercy who lives in Argentina, laments excesses of capitalism (length = 1.5 minutes)

Video transcript: {So} we are referring to a system, a globalized system that is destroying cultures, destroying communities, and destroying lands for profit. It is a system where the market rules completely, where the banks are being rescued instead of rescuing the billion people who die of hunger. This world has been built on the capitalist system and we can no longer be blind. We can no longer believe the myths and the lies that the system tries to transmit to us. A system that suggest that they are the only ones that can save the world, when in reality, it is this system that is destroying the world. So when we talk about sustainability, we are talking about an urgent need to change because the system is causing so much death and we cannot longer remain silent.