Mercy Meatless Mondays

During the Season of Creation in 2019 and Lent in 2020, the Sisters of Mercy encouraged the Mercy Community to refrain from eating meat on Monday for seven weeks (in addition to abstaining from meat on Friday as is our Catholic tradition).

We took this action as one way to care for Earth, as meat production consumes large amounts of water and produces more greenhouse gasses than a vegetarian diet.

Following Lent 2020, the Mercy Justice Team began offering the Mercy Earth Challenge, a yearlong series of personal, communal and systemic actions that have taken us through 5 distinct seasons.

To date, the Mercy Earth Challenge seasons have focused on exploring Laudato Si, conserving water, food choices, sustainable shopping, and reducing our use of plastic. For Lent 2021, the final season of the Mercy Earth Challenge returns to Mercy Meatless Mondays with a cookbook and another challenge.