The Sisters of Mercy Mid-Atlantic Community is one of six Communities of The Sisters of Mercy, a Roman Catholic religious order, that comprise the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. The Mid-Atlantic Community was established on January 1, 2007, with the uniting of the regional communities of Brooklyn, Dallas, Merion, New Jersey and New York. The stories of the former regional communities are rich and diverse; the heritage and charism of Mercy are common to all. Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland, in 1831 to serve the poor, sick and ignorant. The seeds of Mercy planted by Catherine McAuley sprouted quickly and Mercy foundations were established worldwide.


Seated: Mother M. Gertrude Dowling, Reverend Mother M. Patricia Waldron. Standing: Mother M. Hildegarde Heuser, Mother M. Bernard Collins

In 1843 Frances Warde, one of the first Sisters of Mercy professed by Catherine McAuley, established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the first of many foundations in the United States. In 1848 the Loretto Foundation was established, which later gave rise to the Dallas Community. Foundations first established in Philadelphia, PA (1861) and Bordentown, NJ (1873) became the Merion and New Jersey foundations, respectively. Sister Agnes O’Connor came to New York City from Dublin in 1846 to establish the first Mercy foundation in New York. Sisters from New York City established a new Mercy community in Brooklyn in 1855.

Today, Sisters of Mercy throughout the Mid-Atlantic Community, continue their legacy of serving people in need with mercy and compassion.