Planned Giving

Recalling the word of Jesus that he is one with his suffering members, we respond to the cry of the poor. The interdependence of peoples and Christ’s mandate to proclaim the gospel to all nations challenge us to develop a global perspective on the works of mercy. Through direct service and through our influence we seek to relieve misery, to address its causes and to support all persons who struggle for full dignity.
                                                                                                    Sisters of Mercy, Constitutions, #3

A bequest is one of the easiest and most beneficial means for you to provide for your family and loved ones, while at the same time, supporting your favorite charities, such as the Sisters of Mercy. A will is essential to carrying out your wishes. In your will, you can specify that after family and friends are cared for, the remainder of your estate can be distributed to the Sisters of Mercy. Another option is to specify that the Sisters of Mercy receive a predetermined gift.

If you already have a will, you easily can amend it through a simple legal transaction known as a “codicil.” While a codicil must be signed and witnessed in accordance with the laws of your state, it provides an easy vehicle for you to include the Sisters of Mercy as a beneficiary of your estate.

Whatever type of bequest you wish to make, a will is essential because it ensures that your wishes are explained, documented and clearly understood. Otherwise, a court will make those decisions after your death.

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