Ways of Giving

By collaborating with others in works of Mercy we continually learn from them how to be more merciful.
                                                                                                    Sisters of Mercy, Constitutions, #6

There are many ways our friends and benefactors can help ensure our mission will continue far into the future. All gifts to the Sisters of Mercy are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Cash Gifts
Donations of cash are a gratifying way to give immediate support. 

Credit Card Gifts
Cash donations can be made either online or by mail using a credit card.

Non-cash Gifts
Stocks, bonds and tangible assets can also be given directly to the Sisters of Mercy with certain tax advantages.

Matching Gifts
Some employers offer matching gifts which allow employees the opportunity to increase their donations. In these circumstances the employer provides the form which is given to the employee and sent to the Sisters of Mercy. The employer then sends a matching gift from the company.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts
An honorary gift is a way to recognize a living person for any special occasion of accomplishment. Memorials are donations made in memory of a deceased relative or friend. 

If you have any questions, please contact:
Lynn Poly
101 Mercy Drive
Belmont, NC 28012